3. The SafeNFT Platform

3.1 Company Description

A cryptocurrency insights portal powered by the blockchain
SafeNFT is an all-in-one crypto insights portal and media platform for investors worldwide. Our experienced team of blockchain specialists, investment professionals, and media and marketing professionals has a history in securities analysis, portfolio management, and content publication and management.
The SafeNFT platform will be built to serve both investors in cryptocurrencies, blockchain companies, and IDOs and anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency markets who may one day decide to invest. We are seeking to become the primary source of information on cryptocurrencies.
Investors will access the SafeNFT platform through a CoinDesk-like website, where a menu of services will be offered for free with the objective to build traffic to the site and promote clickthrough links to paid research and services. This website will be monetized through ads and NFT Marketplace transaction fees, while our subscription services may be purchased either with the SNFT Token or with other approved cryptocurrencies. SNFT Token payment will yield a discount over other payments.
SafeNFT runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Some services can be paid for with the SafeNFT native token (SNFT) or other approved tokens, while other services can only be paid for with the SNFT Token. Purchasers who select to pay with the SNFT Token will receive a discount depending on the service purchased.

3.2 Why an IDO?

How we intend to validate and launch SafeNFT
SafeNFT believes that operating as an IDO places the firm in the strongest position to analyze and evaluate blockchain companies and IDOs. An IDO not only provides the capital to fund the creation of the expanded platform, but also validates the seasoned SafeNFT team as crypto-analysts.
A proprietary token is essential to creating a research platform that runs on the blockchain. The SNFT coin is an BEP-20 token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is used as our primary method of payment for many SafeNFT services and offerings.
Funds from the IDO sale will primarily be used to develop the infrastructure of the member platform. Post-IDO expansionary goals include building desktop and mobile applications with investment tools that will enable token holders and members to contribute their own analysis and be ranked and rewarded on their performance.
Additionally, we plan to offer institutional-grade investment research to cryptocurrency investors.

3.3. Transparency for crypto-investors and traders

Creating a recognized source of accurate information
Lack of transparency is a significant problem in the IDO marketplace. IDO firms are dispersed globally, and many of them provide limited information with milestone roadmaps and distribution of funds raised. Fraud has become a significant problem for IDO investors.
SafeNFT believes a significant opportunity exists to become a recognized source of accurate information and data for the cryptocurrency economy by providing professional due diligence of IDOs, blockchain companies, and cryptocurrency groups.
From time to time, SafeNFT expects to initiate buyback programs funded by profits or through token-burn mechanisms (see Section 7.1). A token buyback program enhances token value by reducing the outstanding supply of tokens.