5. Roadmap
This is our roadmap for the next two year 2021 - 2022

Our 2-year plan

The SafeNFT platform is being actively developed, and the funds from the transaction tax will be used to pay for marketing and additional planned expansions. Based on our progress, our goals, and our funding requirements, we aim to complete and launch all services in SafeNFT Ecosystem in early 2022 (subject to change).
  • Q3 2021: CREATION
    • Create SafeNFT Team
    • Develop SafeNFT Marketplace
  • Q4 2021: MVP LAUNCH
    • Launch MVP
    • Open first office (HQ)
    • Set up B2B advisory
    • Test and audit SafeNFT Marketplace
    • Receive feedbacks and refine SafeNFT Marketplace
  • Q2 2022: EXPANSION
    • Open additional office in other jurisdictions (B2B advisory)
    • Launch mainnet with validation and subscription functionality
    • Users may submit independent research to SafeNFT Marketplace
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