7. SNFT Token

7.1 SNFT Token Allocation

How we plan to raise the funding to meet our goals
TOTAL: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SNFT
  • Pre-sale on DxSale 100,000,000,000,000 SNFT (equal to $10,000)
  • Private sale: 800,000,000,000,000 SNFT (equal to $80,000)
  • Liquidity adding: 100,000,000,000,000 SNFT on Pancakeswap
For the Pre-sale and Private sale, a total of 80% of SNFT tokens will be distributed to participants. SafeNFT reserves the right to burn any tokens allocated for the presale and private sale that are not sold by the end of our token sale.

Token Features

SNFT utilizes three major functions which are RFI Static Rewards, Automatic Liquidity Pools, and Meme Bounty.
RFI Static Rewards is a relatively new mechanism in the decentralized market. It encourages people to hold SNFT, because holders will receive more SNFT based on the amount of token in transaction. Basically, the more SNFT one holds, the more SNFT one gets back.
Automatic Liquidity Pools (LP) offers two long-term benefits for SNFT holders.
  • First, it adds token from both sellers and buyers to LP, increasing the liquidity of the token.
  • Second, automatic LP charges a 10% β€œtax” whenever someone exits the LP and sells their SNFT to prevent the collapse of token price when whales decide to sell. This 10% tax is divided into 3 portions:
    • 4% will be used to add liquidity for SNFT
    • 4% will be shared to the remaining holders
    • 1% will be burn
    • 1% will be used for marketing purpose.
NOTE: Our liquidity will be strengthened through auto-locking mechanism and coin-burn mechanism (black-hole)
We are also implementing a token buyback program.

7.2 Use of Contributions

How we plan to spend the funding we receive (the 1% of the transaction tax)

Upon the completion of the SNFT pre-sale, private sale and adding liquidity on Pancakeswap, we will start to receive the 1% of the transaction tax to spend for marketing purpose. We plan to spend the fund based on the following percentage breakdown:
Fifty percent (50%) of the 1% transaction tax will go towards product development. We have ambitious goals on our roadmap, and will need to hire a development team for the iterations of the platform.
Thirty percent (30%) of the 1% transaction tax will go towards building out a marketing and sales team to grow the SafeNFT community and to acquire key B2B customers for our advisory arm. Advertising and PR budgets are also an ongoing overhead cost.
Ten percent (10%) of the 1% transaction tax will go towards hiring an editorial team for the free-to-use SafeNFT content website. In order to run an international investment research firm like SafeNFT, we also expect to hire a team of investment researchers and securities analysts for the paid SafeNFT service offerings.
Ten percent (10%) of all funds raised will go towards ensuring that we remain compliant in all jurisdictions and to pay for anticipated day-to-day operating expenditures.
The SafeNFT team will also seek to have SNFT tokens listed on cryptocurrency exchanges within 3 months after the token sale ends, subject to market conditions.